How Long Do Car Brakes Last for the Average Driver?

If your car brakes are squealing or you feel shaking when you apply the brakes, you’ll probably wonder, how long do car brakes last? Car brakes have an average lifespan of 25,000 – 65,000 miles, but they may last longer given the right conditions. For more information, join the Hendrick Dodge Cary service team in the guide below, where we’ll cover more details on brake life and the factors that affect it.

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

It’s difficult to provide an exact answer to this question because the mileage you get out of your car brakes can vary wildly compared to other drivers in Apex. There are several affecting factors to consider, even down to the type of brake pads in your car –– some might last up to 80,000+ miles! We recommend consulting the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. In addition to laying out when you should have your car brakes inspected, it will also give a recommendation for when to replace them.

You can also have your brakes inspected at an OEM authorized service center, where factory-trained technicians can use their knowledge of torque calculations, performance specs, and more details pertaining to your vehicle to give you a reliable estimate for when you should expect to replace your brakes. When you do carry out the replacement, an authorized service center will use genuine parts designed for your specific make and model.

What Determines How Long Car Brakes Last?

Several factors can affect how many miles you get out of your car brakes. Some, like your personal driving habits in Carrboro, are in your control. Others, like the road conditions or traffic during your travels, are not so much in your control:

  • How Do You Drive?: The next time you head out to Chapel Hill, take note of your driving habits. Pressing hard on the brakes or riding the brakes out when you need to stop will wear them out faster than if you allow your car to naturally coast to a stop and press the pedal softly.
  • Commuting Conditions: If your daily commute takes you through stop and go traffic or an abundance of intersections, the increased braking can cause more rapid brake wear. Conversely, cruising down open highways without having to brake much can help extend brake life.
  • Type of Brake Pads: What are your brake pads comprised of? Traditional metallic brake pads are a cheaper option than carbon-ceramic brake pads, but they tend to have a shorter lifespan. You might be able to determine your brake pad type in your owner’s manual, but a service technician will also know.

Is Your Car Shaking When Braking?

Feeling a shaking or vibration when you hit the brakes is a serious cause for concern that warrants a service appointment as soon as possible. Often the brake system itself is the culprit, but there are several other issues that could be causing the shaking:

  • The front of your car is out of alignment
  • The lug nuts or bolts in your wheels are loose
  • One of the wheels is out of alignment
  • One of your tires is no longer perfectly round –– this is also called “tire runout” or “out-of-round”
  • The axle shaft is broken
  • A control arm or knuckle within the steering system is damaged

If things don’t feel right when you hit the brakes, don’t delay scheduling service at our Cary facilities. We can inspect your vehicle and have you safely back on the road in no time.

Budget-Friendly Brake Service at Hendrick Dodge Cary

When you schedule your next brake inspection or repair at Hendrick Dodge Cary, be sure to first check out our current service offers. You will frequently find savings on brake parts, service, and more, keeping your car’s maintenance budget-friendly. With any additional questions pertaining to “how many miles do brakes last?”, we invite you to contact us anytime.

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