About Vehicle Recalls

From time to time, a vehicle manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announces that certain vehicles are recalled for defective parts or function. When the act occurs, the vehicle manufacturer typically alerts owners to the problem and the need to have the issue remedied.

The recall letter typically explains the description of the problem and the hazard the issue might cause. Owners are advised to be on the lookout for specific symptoms. The information also describes how the manufacturer or dealers plans to handle the fix. Owners are additionally instructed as to how to proceed.

The first step an affected vehicle owner must do is contact the dealer and set an appointment within the time frame specified. Rarely, an owner does not receive a letter but notices a recall on the NHTSA website. In either case, the dealer remains obligated to make the correction. At no time is the owner required to pay any charges. Hendrick Dodge RAM FIAT is ready and capable to handle your recall needs.



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