Two Important Ram ProMaster Durability Features

Now that we have stock of the Ram ProMaster on the lot at Hendrick Dodge RAM FIAT, we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about the durability features that make this such a popular cargo van.

Whether you are hauling fragile home accessories or fresh produce, getting your products to the intended recipients safely is of top concern. With the new Ram ProMaster, the antilock braking system is designed to do just that. Press the brakes to avoid a collision, and power is distributed evenly to slow the vehicle to a stop rather than skidding.

The other durability feature in the all-new Ram ProMaster is the improvement of driver visibility. This van has a higher driver seat, shorter front end, and bigger windshield, helping to increase visibility. The driver has a better vantage point, being able to see things that could become an issue down the road, and take action on time.



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