Driving in bad road conditions: AWD or 4WD?

Some people like driving all-wheel drive vehicles because they feel this platform of vehicle is superior when it comes to city driving or negotiating curves. There are others prefer to have 4-wheel drive the areas that they live in have poorly maintained roads, and they want to make sure that they can make it to their destination even if they have to go off-road. We here at Hendrick Dodge are not saying that either platform could not accomplish these feats, but people have preconceived notions due to prior experience with these platforms and many are loyal to them. Both platforms do offer increased traction but the way that they offer it and the types of vehicles that the specific drivetrain comes in vary. We here at Hendrick Dodge offer a wide selection of both types of these vehicles and would be happy if you stopped by if you are in the Cary area to let us show you them.
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