How to Create a Hand Coming Out of Trunk for Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, we here at Hendrick Dodge want to show you how to create a Halloween trick that is sure to get some double-takes: a hand sticking out of your trunk. This makes it look like there is a bloody body inside, trying to get out!

    What you will need to create this:

  • A scary, bloody fake hand that you can find at any Halloween store, costume shop, or a prop store.
  • Use rope to tie the top of the trunk to the bottom, while also securing the fake hand so that it doesn’t move. Add costume blood and other details for the full effect.

There you have it, a bloody hand sticking out of your trunk! Whether at the grocery store, on the road, or in the driveway, this trick will spook people into the Halloween spirit. We wish all of our North Carolina drivers a safe and happy Halloween!

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