Important Safety Driving Tips for Your Halloween Night

There are going to be kids of all ages out on the streets at night trick or treating in no time at all. Our staff members here at Hendrick Dodge want to offer you a few tips so that you and those children are as safe as possible in the Cary, NC area. With these in mind, we're confident that your holiday night will be both fun and secure!

  • Be sure you are driving well under the posted speed limit in those kid-friendly neighborhoods that night.
  • Kids will be wearing dark costumes when on the road, so make certain you come to a complete stop at every crosswalk and proceed slowly.
  • Keep your headlights on the entire time you are driving so children will have a better chance to see you from afternoon to night.
  • Never pass a stopped vehicle, it might be letting out a bunch of children who will be running into the road in excitement.

These driving safety tips will allow you to navigate those roads Halloween night more easily. For more advice before the holiday, be sure to confide in our team at 81 MacKenan Drive today!

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