Tire Rotations Can Prolong Your Tires

Tire rotation is a simple but important task that can be easily neglected. Keeping your car in good shape requires frequent services. Tire rotation is one of the most important.

What is a tire rotation? It means swapping the position of the tires diagonally, side to side or back to front. The weight of your car is not uniformly distributed. Most of the pressure caused by the battery, holding the brakes and turning concentrates on the front tires.

This makes them wear out on the outer edges sooner than the rear ones. A tire rotation will help your tires wear more evenly. Tire rotation prolongs the life of your tires since the replacement will take longer. Tire rotation can be done at every oil change or for every 3000 miles covered.

Feel free to make an appointment with Hendrick Dodge for a tire rotation service. Our service center in Cary, NC can handle all of your maintenance needs.

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