Enjoy Bringing Food to Parties this Holiday Season

At Hendrick Dodge, we know how important it is to gather with loved ones for the holidays. If you are bringing food to the next party, it's time to consider a few safety precautions when transporting food. Avoid spilling your favorite recipe all over your new car this holiday season by following a few precautions.

Use containers meant to carry food without spilling. While you may be tempted to simply throw some tinfoil over a dish and hope it doesn't turn over, leak-proof containers are your best option.

Drive with care. If the trip is only a short distance, be mindful of sharp turns. Brace the food in your car if you must, and put it on the floor instead of the seat.

Insulate the food using a box and towels. If you have a small leak, the towels will soak up the mess, and the cardboard can be thrown away.
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