Importance of Regularly Scheduled Tire Inspections

Getting the tires checked on your car every other oil change is going to benefit your car, and your wallet, in more ways than you may even realize. Come down to Hendrick Dodge and let the team take a closer look at the tires today.

When you simply allow the tires to go without being inspected, they will wear unevenly and will need to be replaced sooner. Getting the car up on the lift at the dealership ensures a keen eye will check for any signs of trouble so the issue can be corrected now.

The longer you go between tire checks, more trouble can be caused. The car has trouble gripping the road surface, there could be a loud vibration heard in the car, and your vehicle may begin pulling to the sides of the road at higher speeds.

The Hendrick Dodge service center will make sure that your tires are inspected and rotated properly.

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